Shower for Baby June

I hosted another baby shower this past weekend, this makes three in three months.  I love parties!!

June-BugOur group feels the brunch theme works very well, we seem to have a better turnout when the party is not in the middle of the day.  And who doesn’t like brunch food?


We started with quiche and muffins.



And then added some berry fruit cups.


I love this cocktail line of plastic serving ware at Party America.  Besides these 2 oz square bowls, that have 3″ plates, 2 oz round bowls, and even 7″ trays.  I could totally see a small plates party using this whole collection. Hmmmm…..maybe my next party!  Of course we could not have a party without cake and cookies.  My friend Joyce made this gorgeous cake which matched the invitations.


And I made some baby face sugar cookies that tasted great but the decorating could have been much better.  I used Jenny Steffen Hobick’s Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipe which is by far the best I have ever made.  You can find those recipes here.  


The decorating was inspired from a post on Pinterest which was ADORABLE and much, much better than my attempts.  You can see that link here. 

I used  a black AmeriColor gourmet writer pen to make the face after the icing dried completely.  On my cookies the pen bled into the icing and I could not get the fine line I was hoping for.  I am going to try this pen again though because I like the idea of it and my results were probably just due to lack of skill and experience.  Never the less, they were fun to make.


Happy Day everyone!

Baby Shower and Cucumber Salad Tea Sandwich Recipe

My lovely and  very pregnant daughter was in town for work last week.


We took the opportunity to throw her a baby shower filled with good friends and good food.


Dr. D helped with the fruit baby, the skills he acquired from his high school salad bar job have been used many times in this house.


The cupcakes were from Small Cakes and the cookies were from my favorite cookie baker, Lisa, at the Cookie Jar Bakery.


Everyone who eats The Cookie Jar’s decorated sugar cookies always rave about how good they are!!  Every time I order them I order an extra dozen  thinking I will have some leftovers……hasn’t happened yet!  We also had caprese salad skewers, artichoke dip and three different tea sandwiches, egg salad, chicken salad and cucumber salad.  I have included the cucumber salad recipe below since it was so darn good.  The recipe made more than we needed for the sandwiches so Molly and I snacked on it all week after the shower.  I forgot to take pictures of it though!  Molly thought it would make a good veggie dip also.

Cream Cheese and Cucumber Tea Sandwich

  • 2 (8-oz.) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup peeled, seeded, and finely chopped cucumber
  • 2/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup minced red onion
  • 6 tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 8 slices white bread

After mixing the ingredients spread on two slices of bread to make a sandwich.  I removed the crust from the bread before spreading on the cucumber salad.  You can slice the sandwich into triangles for serving or use a 2″ cookie cutter and make circle tea sandwiches.  Garnish with dill or basil leaves.

Only about 7 more weeks until we get to meet Baby Levi.  I can’t wait!

Idea #9 – Take a class – Fall Entertaining Workshop by Jenny Steffens Hobick

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year with football, cool weather, pumpkins, chili, and cider .  With the crazy heat we have been experiencing, fall can not get here fast enough for me.  A couple of days ago I found out that one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a Fall Entertaining Workshop right here in my own hometown.  To say I was excited is a total understatement.  Here is the menu for the workshop:

Creamy Blue Hubbard, Goat Cheese Spread
Hot Mulled Cider served in Mason Jar Mugs
Harvest Salad with Greens with Apples, Cranberries & Homemade Vinaigrette
Butternut Squash & Beef Chili
Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits
Bite-Sized S’mores
Heirloom Pumpkins & Gourds with Fahrmeier Farms

That sounds more than wonderful to me, it sounds PERFECT!!!

Everyday Occasions

I was first introduced to Jenny’s blog well over a year ago, on the A Thyme for Everything website which is a culinary store in downtown Lee’s Summit.  A Thyme for Everything is a great little store that sells cookware, chef’s tools, kitchen decor and  gourmet food items such as Pappardelle’s Pasta and Christopher Elbow chocolates.  They also host cooking classes and at the time they had posted a short bio on Jenny since she was getting ready to teach a class.  Given the fact that she was from Lexington (where many of my relatives are from) and that she is an MU Journalism graduate (as is my daughter Kindra), I knew I had to check out her blog, Everyday Occasions.  I have been a faithful reader ever since that day.

                                                     Jenny Steffens Hobick

Everyday Occasions is wealth of really good recipes and entertaining ideas.  I have made several of the posted recipes including, tomato basil soup, green olive and heirloom tomato bruschetta,

and candy cane cranberry cocktails.

There are many more I hope to make including Butternut Squash Ravioli and Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Almond Icing.  Jenny has been featured in several magazines and is a regular contributor to the Williams-Sonoma entertaining blog.  I can not wait to attend her workshop!

Besides all the cooking that will be going on, Fahrmeier Farms will be on site to display and sell their heirloom pumpkins.  I wrote about our day trip to Lexington last fall and our visit to Fahrmeier Farms, you can see that post by clicking here.

If you are near Kansas City, or will be on October 16,  you should attend the Fall Entertaining Workshop with me… can sign up via the link from Everyday Occasions or contact A Thyme for Everything directly.  Hurry though because the class with be full soon.  Hope to see you there!

CPA Party

We had a fun party at our house this weekend to celebrate Kayla’s passing of the CPA exam.  Before the party I made a mental note of all the pictures I wanted to take and by the time the party was over I discovered that I cannot host a party and take pictures at the same time.  Of course it is possible to do that, but in my particular case it just did not happen.  I did not even get a picture of the guest of honor!  Between Dave and I, we took twelve lousy pictures and only two are half way worthy of posting on this blog.

Planning an accounting party is not that easy either.  I could not find even one theme related to accountants.  I guess our profession is not known for its wild parties.  The situation required that I get creative, another trait us accountants usually do not possess.  Creativity is sometimes frowned upon in our field.  I started with a cheeseball shaped into the letters CPA (you can almost see that in the picture below).   I then made confetti with black and white paper using accounting lingo like asset, liability, revenue, expense, etc.    I think my feeble attempt at accounting humor was appreciated by a few of the finance-minded party-goers.

I also dug out the chocolate fountain that we used several years ago for graduation parties and had several dipping items like angel food cake, pretzels, strawberries and pineapple.  Again, no pictures!!!  The best thing on the dessert table was the CPA cookies which I had made at The Cookie Jar Bakery in downtown Lee’s Summit by proprietor Lisa Hatfield.

I specifically asked for this simple design of black frosted cookies with white icing and white frosted cookies with black icing.  These soft sugar cookies are sooooo good with a hint of almond flavoring.   When we hosted the Frankenstein party back in October I also picked up some Halloween cookies from Lisa that were decorated with very cute designs, including my favorite, a black cat.  At both parties the cookies were a hit!  The Cookie Jar Bakery shares space with “In The Middle Cupcakes” at 318 SE Douglas.  Check out their facebook page!

The best part of the party was visiting with all the well wishers who came to celebrate Kayla’s achievement.   Congratulations Kayla, now it is time for those mandatory 55 hour work weeks!!