Everything in it’s Place

One thing I have always loved about my master bathroom, besides the fact that it is very spacious, is that I have my own space.  My own sink, my own cabinets and my own drawers.  I have never been one to share very well. I remember thinking when we built this house seventeen years agoContinue reading “Everything in it’s Place”

2014 Version – Menu Planner and Grocery List to Download

One of my most popular posts since starting this blog has been the menu planner and grocery list downloads.  You can read that post here.  Because I love playing with photoshop and new fonts, and because I love to change things up a bit, I have created a new version for you to download.  YouContinue reading “2014 Version – Menu Planner and Grocery List to Download”

2013 Planner with Calendar Printable

Every year at this time I start organizing my life through a calendar planner.  I have experimented with many types including Franklin planners, Day-Timers, electronic calendars on my pc and phone and last year I even created my own planner in a bound leather journal. One thing I have learned over the years is thatContinue reading “2013 Planner with Calendar Printable”

Menu Planner and Grocery List Templates for you to Download

I have talked many times about my obsession love of lists.  See one of those posts here.  Over the years I have created a few templates that I use over and over such as a grocery list and menu planner.  As part of my self-education in Photoshop, I decided to tackle some of the designContinue reading “Menu Planner and Grocery List Templates for you to Download”

#11 Organize your life with a list APP

I have written about my list making obsession enthusiasm before.  Click here for that post.  Lately I have been looking for an electronic tool that would handle all of my list making requirements.  I have tried keeping lists in excel, in word, on paper and using the Outlook Task Manager.  I have also tested severalContinue reading “#11 Organize your life with a list APP”

Controlling the Chaos

Shop for Christmas presents Wrap Christmas presents Finish painting the guest bedroom Make an upholstered headboard Plan menus/groceries for multiple family holiday parties Plan my part of the progressive dinner menu with friends Make cookies for the food pantry where we volunteer Make Christmas cookies for the family Plan for a non-holiday celebration party theContinue reading “Controlling the Chaos”