Picture a Day | Week 1

There are two recurring themes in every book or article I read about improving your photography skills and that is to take your camera everywhere you go and practice, practice, practice. There is a community out there in blog land called The 365 Project where people with a passion for photography hone their skills andContinue reading “Picture a Day | Week 1”

Small Gatherings|June|Light Dinner Al Fresco

After work last night I had several errands to run and Dave needed to do some work in the yard.  We decided to get those things done then have a late dinner.  By the time we both had completed, it was close to 7:00 pm and still pushing 90 degrees.  The last thing I feltContinue reading “Small Gatherings|June|Light Dinner Al Fresco”

Sea Life Aquarium

Everything I have read about becoming a better photographer includes the advice to take your camera with you everywhere you go.  I am not very good at doing that because my camera is pretty bulky and heavy.   We do have a small Nikon point and shoot and we also have our iphones, but for me,Continue reading “Sea Life Aquarium”

Steamboat Photography

As a student of photography, you could not ask for more picturesque vistas to experiment with than the landscape of Colorado.  The views beg for recording into lasting memories.  The subjects are so rich and varied that the techniques do not have to be perfect to create a good picture.  Here are just a fewContinue reading “Steamboat Photography”

Saddleback Ranch and ATV’s

Steamboat Springs offers many activities for summer visitors, many more than we had time to participate.  One of the favorite places we visited was Saddleback Ranch, an 8000 acre working cattle ranch, fourth generation family owned and operated.  I can see why Saddleback is one of the top five rated attractions in Steamboat by TripContinue reading “Saddleback Ranch and ATV’s”