#7 Visit Colorado in the Summer

I have never taken two vacations in two months, but I think I could easily get use to this lifestyle.   Last month was Destin, Florida and this month is Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Fortunately Steamboat is not close to any of the fires currently burning in Colorado so our vacation is proceeding as planned. Steamboat SpringsContinue reading “#7 Visit Colorado in the Summer”

A Man and his Harley

This week’s assignment in my photography class was to practice a technique called panning.  From a photography perspective, panning is a technique used to suggest fast motion and bring out the subject from other elements in the frame.   When I thought about a fast moving subject I could photograph the first thing that came toContinue reading “A Man and his Harley”

Creativity……or lack thereof

I am a left brained accountant who is logical and analytical.  I prefer structure and organization over randomness and unpredictability.  So why then, am I taking a creative photography class? In my observation there are two types of photographers, the technical photographer and the artistic photographer.  The technical photographer will follow the rules they areContinue reading “Creativity……or lack thereof”