Physical Therapy

I conservatively estimate that I have been to 120 physical therapy sessions over the past 4 years.  That is 4 surgeries, at 12 weeks of PT each, at an average of 2.5 sessions per week.  So very thankful for good insurance!   Last April I had my final surgery and am now on the countdown toContinue reading “Physical Therapy”

A new countdown begins.

It was close to four years ago that I got the word from my orthopedic surgeon that there was not much left to do (after ten years of trying) for my hip and knee joints but to get replacements.  The news hit me hard, although I am not sure why since I had been battlingContinue reading “A new countdown begins.”

New spring look!

I have a new spring fashion to share with you, white compression hose, ace wrap and a built-in cooling system.  Isn’t it lovely? Let’s break this look down shall we? 1.  White Compression  Hose – This part of the assemble is pure evil.  Although presented by the medical profession as an important tool in preventingContinue reading “New spring look!”

Two years ago today….

Happy 2nd Birthday Ruminations and Reckonings!                                                            Source Two years ago today I wrote my first blog post on Ruminations and Reckonings.  To celebrate the day I have decided to give R&R a little facelift.  If you are reading this in an email or an RSS reader, click on over to the site so youContinue reading “Two years ago today….”