November Chalkboard Art

I finally had some time this past weekend to create the November chalkboard for my kitchen.


Did you notice the bright colors?  I had been hearing via blogland about a product called Chalk Markers that has the bold vibrancy of markers but the easy clean-up of chalk.  I also had been looking for chalk with more of a fine tip for creating different fonts.  I went to my go-to source ( for a little retail research and I found these fun markers.  Granted, they are a little more expensive than regular chalk at $26.77 for a package of 10,  however the bold colors, chisel tip and EASY clean up was well worth the cost.

Chalk This Way 1I was a little hesitant when I received them because they included a warning not to use on porous surface including chalkboard paint.  WHAT?!?!?  What the heck, I knew if they did not wipe off easily I could always paint my chalkboard again.  Not sure what else I will do with that quart of chalkboard paint I bought when I made this board.  Anyway, I am THRILLED to report that they worked perfectly.  I can attest to the fact that they wipe off easily, just like chalk, with a damp cloth.

Now, if Santa is reading, they also have a set of EARTHY COLORS that would be awesome in my Christmas stocking!!

Chalk This Way 2

Shower for Baby June

I hosted another baby shower this past weekend, this makes three in three months.  I love parties!!

June-BugOur group feels the brunch theme works very well, we seem to have a better turnout when the party is not in the middle of the day.  And who doesn’t like brunch food?


We started with quiche and muffins.



And then added some berry fruit cups.


I love this cocktail line of plastic serving ware at Party America.  Besides these 2 oz square bowls, that have 3″ plates, 2 oz round bowls, and even 7″ trays.  I could totally see a small plates party using this whole collection. Hmmmm…..maybe my next party!  Of course we could not have a party without cake and cookies.  My friend Joyce made this gorgeous cake which matched the invitations.


And I made some baby face sugar cookies that tasted great but the decorating could have been much better.  I used Jenny Steffen Hobick’s Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipe which is by far the best I have ever made.  You can find those recipes here.  


The decorating was inspired from a post on Pinterest which was ADORABLE and much, much better than my attempts.  You can see that link here. 

I used  a black AmeriColor gourmet writer pen to make the face after the icing dried completely.  On my cookies the pen bled into the icing and I could not get the fine line I was hoping for.  I am going to try this pen again though because I like the idea of it and my results were probably just due to lack of skill and experience.  Never the less, they were fun to make.


Happy Day everyone!

Bits and Pieces

1.  This week’s kitchen chalkboard art.


We are on baby watch!  Our first grandchild is due two weeks from today.  I am ready to take off for Houston as soon as I get the word.  So excited……

2.  I am thankful today’s high temperature was only 88 degrees with noticeably decreased humidity around 45 percent.  Our new new air conditioner will not be installed until Wednesday.  Inside the house the temperature today is approximately


That is better than the 87-89 degrees we have been seeing since last Tuesday when the AC decided to die.  Still too hot for me.

3.  Several years ago, maybe five, I planted a hydrangea plant with visions of beautiful blooms each summer.  This summer for the first time I have my first bloom.


I have neighbors who have hydrangea plants with dozens of blooms.  Oh well, thankful to finally have one.

4.  I have been so hot this week I have actually been dreaming of these days only 4 short months ago, March 24, 2013……





That white stuff would sure feel good to me right now!!!!

Seven Week Update


I have been MIA from the blog for several weeks.  I was always taught if you do not have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.  (I really should remind myself of that more often.)   In the fourth and fifth week after my knee surgery I was in a dark place, not seeing much progress in my physical therapy and still having more pain than I anticipated.  On top of that, we have had the worst spring I can remember, torrential rains with no sunshine for days upon days.  Days without sun are not good for me.

However, these last two weeks have been much better and I have forced myself to participate in life and guess what happened.  I am seeing real progress in my knee bending (although still have a long way to go) and the pain has improved.  I am walking without my cane and even went to the gym pool yesterday to walk and do strengthening exercises.  I think I may actually survive this surgery!

I have even completed a project I have been thinking about for a while and that is creating a chalkboard for my kitchen! I love the idea of a changeable venue for menus, messages or inspirational quotes front and center in the room we live in the most.   Although I love reading, I have known for a long time that I am a visual person which is probably why I have always been interested in  typography (the art of making language visible).  I even have a “ChalkBoard Art” board on pinterest.  Look at some of these fun creations:

Children will be given


Birthday Board


Trust God


The chalk board I made for my kitchen is even more special because it is a frame my dad made for me many years ago.  I painted it white and used chalkboard paint on the hardboard backing.  Easy!  I have another chalkboard I made hanging in my office that currently lists my goal categories for the year.  It is a great way to keep those items close 0n a daily basis.


We have had several other fun activities going on here in the last week and I will be sharing those soon!