November Chalkboard Art

I finally had some time this past weekend to create the November chalkboard for my kitchen. Did you notice the bright colors?  I had been hearing via blogland about a product called Chalk Markers that has the bold vibrancy of markers but the easy clean-up of chalk.  I also had been looking for chalk withContinue reading “November Chalkboard Art”

Shower for Baby June

I hosted another baby shower this past weekend, this makes three in three months.  I love parties!! Our group feels the brunch theme works very well, we seem to have a better turnout when the party is not in the middle of the day.  And who doesn’t like brunch food? We started with quiche andContinue reading “Shower for Baby June”

Bits and Pieces

1.  This week’s kitchen chalkboard art. We are on baby watch!  Our first grandchild is due two weeks from today.  I am ready to take off for Houston as soon as I get the word.  So excited…… 2.  I am thankful today’s high temperature was only 88 degrees with noticeably decreased humidity around 45 percent. Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”