A Day in Denver

We had a very quick trip to Denver this past week to help our daughter move.  We spent a day driving there, a day to play and a day driving home.   The hubby and I listened to a book tape the entire eight and a half hours it took us to get there and surprisingly enough the drive went by pretty fast.  That is a good thing when driving across Kansas because there is not much to see except for the occasional wind farm.


On our play day, Molly showed us all her and Taylor’s favorite hang outs.  We started with a delightful outdoor brunch at the Eggshell Restaurant which included the cutest coffee bar.  Makes me wish I liked coffee….



I had an awesome frittata (surprise, surprise) with sheepherder potatoes and sourdough toast!  It was so good.


We then made an expensive trip to Costco to fill Molly’s freezer and pantry.  At least I know she will be eating well for the next month or so.  While Molly and I repackaged freezer items and attempted to get everything to fit in her small freezer, her Dad used his best McGyver skills to re-glue one of her wooden kitchen chairs that had seen better days.  I sure wish I would have gotten a picture of how he improvised without clamps, let’s just say it consisted of a bicycle intertube and a tie down strap.  He was pretty proud of himself!  We told her not to sit on it for a few days so we will see if this did the job or not.

After all of this shopping and exhausting labor we worked up an appetite so off we went to a local favorite, VooDoo Donuts.  Located in the heart of downtown Denver, we were lucky to be visiting in the middle of the afternoon and only had to wait in line with about 15 people ahead of us.  Molly said she has seen the line out the door and down an entire city block.


VooDoo Doughnuts is fairly new to Denver, having originated in Portland, Oregon.   I am almost at a loss of words on how to describe their handmade, very tasty, highly unique donuts.  Only pictures will tell this story…..



The picture above features their signature VooDoo doll doughnut complete with a pretzel knife.  Our selections below included a few “safe” traditional doughnuts plus a Bacon Maple Bar(maple frosting with real bacon strips), Diablos Rex Bar (chocolate cake with chocolate icing, red sprinkles and a pentagram), Old Dirty Bastard (yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, oreos and peanut butter), Butterfinger doughnut (chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and butterfinger crumbles) and a Neopolitan (chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and strawberry dust.)


We loaded up our pink voodoo doughnut box and traveled a few blocks to the Great Divide Tap Room, a highly regarded microbrewery.


We found an outdoor table and had ourselves a little afternoon snack.  Don’t judge!!!




As we left the downtown area I just had to snap a picture of one of the many storefronts supporting Colorado’s new commerce venture.


We topped off the day with a movie, “Million Dollar Arm” (which is very good by the way) and dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Although the day was very fun, saying good-bye to Molly that evening was very sad.  It is hard to leave your baby 600 miles away from home, even if she is almost all grown up!







My Day Job

As many of you know I am an Accounting Manager for a large health system in the Midwest.  For most of my career I have specialized in the accounting system side of finance which means I maintain and support the software that the accountants at my company use to do their job.  This past week I attended a convention in Denver for the software I currently support called Lawson.  The convention was called Inforum 2012 because the parent company of Lawson is a large software company called Infor.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver,

which was just steps away from the Convention Center where the conference was held.

I asked several local people what the significance of the Blue Bear was and not one of them could tell me.  The only other thing I got to see of Denver was the view outside of my hotel room.

Infor is an official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One race car team which is a perfect fit since part of Infor’s new corporate philosophy is “Engineered for Speed.”  A Formula One car was on site for viewing….not sure why anyone would actually sit in this tiny piece of metal and drive 200 mph.

It was a really busy few days, I attended 3 general sessions, 12 smaller educational sessions, 3 hands-on academies and met one-on-one with three consulting companies.  I was in information overload most of the time.

Before I left, I debated if I should take my Canon 7D camera or just the small Nikon point and shoot.  I absolutely love my Canon, but the thought of lugging that heavy camera along with the zoom lenses made me decide to leave it behind. Boy was I sorry.

The highlight of the convention was Customer Appreciation Night where we were entertained by the grammy-award winning group Train.  Since there were only 6000 people at the convention, the concert was a relatively up close and personal experience.  I was literally groaning over the pictures I could have taken with my fast zoom lens.  Instead I had to settle for these point and shoot photos.

Every book I have read and every class I have taken in photography has said the best way to become a good photographer is to have your camera with you at ALL times.  Guess I need to start pumping the weights because I do not plan on being caught without the Canon again!