Small Gatherings | July | 1st Birthday Party Brunch | Egg Muffin Recipe

My daughter and grandson were visiting from Houston this past week and since Levi recently celebrated his first birthday we decided to throw a small party so we could celebrate with him.    We did not want to interfere with naptime so we thought a brunch would be the perfect time to party.   I had recentlyContinue reading “Small Gatherings | July | 1st Birthday Party Brunch | Egg Muffin Recipe”

Road Trip to Houston: Levi, Ikea and Food Trucks

The hubby and I took off a couple of weeks ago and headed south to visit  our daughter, son-in-law and this precious baby.  (I am not at all biased!) We had so much fun watching Levi crawl and pull up on anything he could find, including Percy his dog.  Speaking of Percy, she has foundContinue reading “Road Trip to Houston: Levi, Ikea and Food Trucks”

Davis Farmer’s Market

My three daughters and I,  along with my sister and niece made a whirlwind dash to California last weekend to catch up with my brother’s family and meet the newest addition to our family tree. We all fell in love with baby Bella.  We also got to hang out the energetic nephews, Isac and Noah. Continue reading “Davis Farmer’s Market”

National Resident Match Day

Eight years ago when my daughter was a sophomore in high school, she brought home a boy.  She told us that boy wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. Two years ago that boy married my daughter. After many years in school, that boy will be graduating in two short months. The UniversityContinue reading “National Resident Match Day”

Broken Bones and Chicken Enchiladas

Last week there was an accident in the family that resulted in this. Kayla was hurrying into a new client’s office and accidently fell, which resulted in more than one fracture and a separation of bones that should not be separated.  Her ortho doc is hoping that the way he set the fracture will keepContinue reading “Broken Bones and Chicken Enchiladas”


A few weeks ago I received an early Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law, Steve.   I was so excited because I had seen something similar at their house a few weeks before and had gushed over how much I loved it.  That phenomenon is not all that uncommon given the many cool things atContinue reading “EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT”