Whew…..what a weekend!

Our weekend started with some fun Red Friday activities.

Besides KC Wolf, Chiefs Cheerleaders and Len Dawson, we also saw Clark Hunt but I was not fast enough to get a picture of anything but the back of his head.

After dinner with Molly, we watched a documentary that she wanted to see called Food, Inc.  She had seen a clip of it in one of her nutrition classes and wanted to see the entire movie.  In summary, it was about corporate farms.  I have never been a big meat eater but I am pretty sure this just sealed the vegetarian deal for me.

Saturday morning was a very sad time as we attended the funeral of Dylan’s grandmother in Richmond, Mo.  Shirley was a teacher for thirty years, a talented quilter and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.   I am so glad I had the privilege of getting to know Shirley.  She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

On Saturday afternoon I helped Molly make treats for a bake sale for her SDA organization at school.  We tried a few new recipes and I am really glad we packed them up right away otherwise I think they would have been eaten very quickly.  We made Simply Sinful Cinnamon  Muffins by the King Arthur Flour Company.

Click here for the recipe.

We also made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Krispie Treats.  I am pretty sure I gained about 5 pounds just making these.  They looked SOOOOO good.

This recipe is from the blog Picky Palate that I read daily,  click here for the details.

In the early evening on Saturday we traveled to Excelsior Springs for our great nephew’s third birthday party.    It was an outdoor camping theme complete with a camp fire, camo plates, camo napkins, camo cupcakes and even camo cake pops.  Here is the birthday boy, Reid in his camo shorts.

And this is my pyro sister stoking the fire…..her favorite thing to do!

Now I need a weekend to rest up…….

Jesse and Betty

I am thinking about my parents today, they are gone now, but both had a September 2 birthday.  My dad would have been 87 years old today and my mom 82.

It is hard to believe that my dad has been gone 18 years.  Molly was only two years old so she really never got to know him.  I so wish he could have been here to see my children grow up.  I know he would have been as proud of them as I am.  He did love all the little grandbabies and would rock them for hours at a time until they were both sound asleep.

My dad was the youngest of five boys and had a difficult childhood growing up poor and fatherless on the banks of the Missouri river.  According to his mom, his dad went to work in the coal mine one day and never came home.  Most thought the KKK had taken care of him due to the fact he befriended a black man.  My dad told me stories of his own childhood, about being pulled from the river close to drowning more than one time, about wiring his family’s 2 room home for electricity when he was twelve years old and about the time his brother accidently cut off his nose with a shovel as he was digging manure.  His mom stitched it back up with a needle and thread.  I am pretty sure there was no antibiotic injection involved.

circa 1949

My father worked for thirty-five years at the same company before retiring and was a selfless provider for his family.  I was always a daddy’s girl and spent hours in conversation with him as I was growing up. Even now I think about the things I would love to talk with him about, I miss him very much.

My mom was the youngest of five children also, but was the only girl with four older brothers.  I always thought my mom was probably a fun, free-spirited person growing up.  She loved to laugh and could tell animated stories both actual and fictional.  I think she always dreamed of doing things that her health never allowed…..our family still jokes about one of her stories involving her soul traveling to Egypt.  As can happen with teenage girls, my relationship with my mom became complicated.   From her perspective I was a “hard-headed kid”, (read stubborn, independent and willful) and she was probably right.  A few may even still describe me that way today.  She did love her grandkids and was very creative at entertaining them, think black olives on fingers and french fries between the toes.

circa 1942

I feel blessed to have had the parents that I had.  They were far from perfect but I always knew I was loved.  I do miss them both and wish I would have had more years to share with them.

circa 1965

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

Twenty-nine years ago today….

I remember the day very well.  It was VERY hot outside, a typical August day.  I remember I had an appointment for a manicure and when I arrived they told me the technician did not show up for work that day and they would try and work me in with someone else.  I remember my brother being especially annoying, following me around with a camera all day.  I remember the only job my then future mother-in-law was assigned to all day was to unlock a certain building at a certain time.  Forty five minutes later I had to call her, which back then meant driving to a pay phone, and asking her if she could come unlock the building.  I remember being stressed and rushed for the next hour after that.  I remember my family being all dressed up and looking fantastic.

I remember the dress I wore that day which I had spent months picking out.

I remember eating cake, drinking champagne and dancing.

Oh yeah, I think I even remember getting married that day.

Last night, in celebration of that day twenty nine years ago, Dave and I went out for a wonderful dinner at Lydia’s and even had a special dessert made just for us.

Twenty nine years ago today, Dave and I left for Paradise Island in the Bahamas where we spent a great week in the sun on the white sandy beaches sipping fruity drinks.  Today on our twenty-ninth anniversary, Dave left with five other guys on his Harley for a week in Sturgis, South Dakota.


Have a safe trip Dave and Happy Anniversary!

Lazy Days of Summer???

I have been neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks, not because I choose to do this, but because there is not enough hours in the day.  I would LOVE to spend each of my days writing on this blog, practicing my photography, cooking or decorating my house.  These items always tend to fall at the bottom of the TO-DO list since they are mostly done during “ME” time.   I am not saying I have not been having fun because that is far from the truth,  I just have not had any “ME” time.

This is what I have been doing…..

  • Taking a one day trip to Omaha to attend a Users Group Meeting for the software I support at work.  This trip was longer than usual due to the flooding.  Our normal three hour one way trip has turned into a four hour one way trip due to the detours.  This made for one very long day.  The picture below is I-29 below water near the Iowa border. (Obviously I did not take this photo)

  •  Traveled to Arkansas with a group of friends….but I already told you about that.
  • Worrying about Molly – she went on her second float trip of the summer.  I remember doing that….that is why I worry!  Kidding aside, the air conditioning in her apartment has gone out twice  in the last couple of weeks.  These are dangerous temperatures for not having air conditioning.   Molly is taking a fun class this summer (at least fun from my perspective).  It is a food preparation class and they have been cooking every day.  One day she walked back to her apartment with a cake in each hand.  I am thinking her roommate is liking this class also.  She even took a field trip to the Shatto Milk farm and got to milk a cow.  She said that they do tours by appointment and it was a really fun place to visit.  I am putting this on my bucket list.
  • Back to Omaha for another four days to work in the office.  For some reason my boss likes to see my face.    On Friday, the day we were to leave to come home, I worked from 6:50 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. before getting in the car for the four hour drive home.  Needless to say, my bed felt SOOOOO good that night.
  • Picked Kindra up at the airport for her bi-monthly work trip to Kansas City.  A few times her work trips to KC have been at the same time as our work trips to Omaha.  However, this time we were all here at the same time and it has been great visiting with her.  Bonus visitors were DL and Percy.  DL was actually in the house less than 6 hours.  He was on his way to hike in Colorado for a week with his Dad and a group of friends and  stopped by to drop off  Percy, our granddog.  She is staying with us for the rest of the week until he returns in a few days.  She is such a sweet dog.  Cleo is not at all happy about the situation.

  • Celebrated the last birthday of “Birthday Season.”   Kayla ventured out to celebrate her birthday with us even though she is in serious study mode these days.  She is finishing her last few days of class for the summer semester and will be complete with her Master’s degree in Accounting on July 28, less than a week away.  On top of that, she is studying for the CPA exam and takes the first test on Aug 3rd.  I am so proud of her…she is so dedicated and such as hard worker.  It was such a rare opportunity to have all three of my girls in the same place at the same time.  As usual, all three girls talk at one time and I try very hard to keep up with all the different conversations.  I so miss having them all together.
  • Keeping up with Physical Therapy – at the last visit with my Ortho doc, he suggested another four weeks of PT because he does not like my gait.  I hear that from the Physical Therapist all the time.  I keep telling them I have walked like this for 10 years and until my knees are fixed I am guessing I will continue walking like this.  Oh well,  I am sure the PT is doing some good.  I am alternating between land and water.  The water PT is SO much easier on my knees but they say the land PT will make me stronger which will benefit me when I have my knees done.  Not even thinking about that yet!

I am looking forward to some R&R this weekend although already have a birthday party, dinner out and the Harry Potter movie scheduled.  Maybe I will be able to work in a little “ME” time also.

Birthday Season

It is Birthday Season in our household.  All three girls celebrate their birthdays within 33 days of each other.  Our oldest celebrated her birthday 8 days ago but unfortunately we were only able to celebrate with her on a long distance basis.  She is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I am very excited to see her.

Today is our baby’s 20th birthday.  I have no idea how twenty years could have passed since we were driving on I-470 to St. Joseph hospital with Kindra and Kayla in the back seat discussing what we would name this new addition to our family.  I remember it like it was last week.  We decided on Molly if it were a girl and Spencer if it were a boy.

In about three weeks we will celebrate Kayla’s birthday, about a week before she finishes her Master’s degree in Accounting and starts her transition from student into the working world.


I am so proud of my three daughters and the beautiful woman they have become.  I remember thinking before I had any of them what it would be like to raise a son or daughter.  What would they look like?  What would their voice sound like?  What kind of relationship would I have with them?

I could not have imagined……

  •   How much I have laughed or how many tears of joy I have shed.
  •   How many times my heart was broken for them or how often I was bursting with pride.
  •   How many soccer games, dance recitals, band concerts, swim meets, football games, and academic award ceremonies I would attend.
  •   How many prom dresses, hair appointments, and manicures I would pay for.
  •   How many times I would move them in and out of dorm rooms and apartments
  •   How blessed I have been in the last twenty-seven years.

 Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Relaxation, Sunshine and Texas BBQ

Our Houston trip was wonderful!  Remember how worried I was about going through security with my new hip?  The darn metal detector did not even go off as I walked through it.   On the way back home though, in the Houston airport, I did get up close and personal with the body scanner but that was also no big deal.  Another case of worrying for no reason, the story of my life.

 Kindra and DL live in the Montrose area of Houston which I would describe as having homes similar to Brookside with shops like Westport.  One difference to Brookside though is that many of the older homes are being torn down to build new, very pricy townhomes.  With no zoning in the city, it is quite common to see a 100 year old remodeled home sitting next door to a half million dollar townhome. The result is an interesting and diverse mix of neighbors and properties.

 Kindra and DL’s house is one of the newly remodeled older homes.  They have done a great job in updating and refinishing.  I am very jealous of their kitchen with all the custom cabinets, drawers and brand new appliances.  Here is a peek…..

I was loving the sunshine and temperatures in the high 80’s ….seems KC is never going to break out of this rainy and 50’s mode. 

On Saturday we had brunch at Baby Barnaby’s which is in walking distance of Kindra and DL’s house.  The food was excellent and the freshly squeezed orange juice was incredible.  They had a machine on the counter in which they kept feeding in oranges and the juice was flowing directly into the pitcher they were using to fill up our glasses.  I can not tell you how long it has been since I have had a glass of freshly squeezed OJ…..it was SOOOO good.

Dave really wanted to try some Texas BBQ while we were there so we ordered several items from the Goode Co including ribs, brisket, sausage, jalapeño cheese bread and jalapeño pinto beans.  I think everything we ate in Houston had jalapeños in it.  Interestingly enough there was no pork on the menu.  I do not think I have ever seen a BBQ restaurant in KC that did not have pulled pork.  I did not try the meat, but Dave said it was good.  I did try the sauce and beans though…..the sauce is very thin with a vinegar base and the beans had chunks of apples in them.  Definitely different from KC style but every last bite was eaten.

 We spent most of the weekend just relaxing, visiting and playing with Percy. 

It was a great way to savor my last few weeks of mobility before I am housebound for another 6 weeks or so.  (20 days until surgery number 2!)  Thanks Kindra and DL for a great weekend!

Wild Hogs

Kindra and DL are riding their bicycles today from Houston to Austin, Texas in the MS150 benefit ride.  They will actually accumulate about 167 miles when they finish on Sunday.  I am praying for no winds, no accidents and much strength.  I will let you know how they manage the ride. 

Dave and a group of friends rode their bicycles in the Kansas City area MS150 for at least 10 years in a row.  However, somthing happened that changed this respectable looking group of 40 year olds……

into this questionable looking group of 50 year olds.

They are still riding two wheelers, but have powered them up a bit.

This group has traveled far and wide, they have been to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota (Sturgis, of course). 

 They designated a navigator and sent out a scout.

They have seen amazing sites such as this….

and this……

and this…….

and even this….

They have slept and dined in luxurious accommodations,

This morning with the temperature at 38 degrees they once again donned their leathers and rode off into the sunrise towards Oklahoma.  I just hope they do not talk Dave into anything crazy like the last time they rode.  He came home with a sleeveless shirt that showed off his “IT(information technology) arms”.

Hopefully I won’t see any PC or Star Trek tatoos this time!