A Cabin in the Woods

Anytime Dave and I start a project that is related to woodworking, we always start with a visit to my brother-in-law Steve.  On this particular visit, Steve walked Dave through the building of a new bathroom vanity.  There will be much more on that project as we progress.

Steve and my sister Linda live on 5 wooded acres which is a perfect spot for someone who can pick up a fallen log and turn it into something beautiful.  A few months back I posted some photos of several items Steve has made from the wood on his property.  You can see those by clicking here.

Today I thought I would give you tour of their little “cabin in the woods” and a peek of a few of the many projects they have completed.

Here is a view of the cabin from the end of their driveway.

All visitors are greeted by Bogie, one of the sweetest (and largest at 130 pounds) puppies I know.

The next shot is the front porch followed by the peaceful, quiet view when sitting in one of the rocking chairs.  I always feel like I have gone camping in the Ozarks when I am at their house.

A couple of years ago Steve purchased an old barn that was going to be torn down and reclaimed the wood for building projects.  One of those was the storage shed on the right where the mowers and tractors are held.  The potting shed on the left was built for Linda and all of her gardening supplies.  Isn’t it adorable?  I really love the red pump.

Their most recent project is a new flower bed next to the potting shed.  Notice the thin edge of blue at the back of the shed?  That is one of several rain barrels they have on the property to catch rain water for watering all their plants.  I love how the flowers are cascading out of the old wheelbarrow.

Next to the flower bed is a current project they are working on.  Besides the great tree trunk flower pots, they are laying down a bed of wood slices.  This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  I absolutely love it!

The next shots are of the back of their cabin and the firepit.

Next to the firepit is another garden area complete with tractor seat benches.

They have done so many fun things on their property.   One of these days I will do a post about all the cool things inside their house….one I just have to show you now because I love it so much………it is a wood carving Steve did for the front of their kitchen sink cabinet.

They are a very creative and talented twosome.  Click here to check out Steve’s Etsy shop.

My idea of a great evening….

A fire in the fireplace,

candles burning,

a sleepy kitty,

a bowl of homemade black bean soup with a dollop of sour cream,

and some hot apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. (thanks for the recipe Karen!!)

Life is good!

Home Office

Dave and I have been working from home for one year now.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working from home.  I love the 5 second commute, the ability to work in my PJ’s or sweats if I so desire, eating out of my own kitchen for lunch each day, having Cleo visit throughout the day and the relaxed atmosphere.  I hope I can continue doing this until I retire.

When Dave and I first learned we would both be able to work from home we immediately knew we would have to make some office changes.  The home office we designed when we built the house was perfect for us when we had work offices outside of our home.  We both had our own workstations and storage places.

However, now that we work from home, both of us spend a large majority of time on the phone now so we needed a little distance between us.  Really, who needs three monitors to do their job?

I knew immediately where I wanted my office to be.  Molly’s first bedroom in our house is painted a pale lavender and has two great bookshelves and a window seat.  I loved the idea of an entire room to myself that I could decorate as I please.  I started with a black desk, black chair and credenza from “The Mart” as us Omaha-in-the-know people refer to Nebraska Furniture Mart.   The original NFM is located about two blocks from my Omaha office so it is very convenient place to shop.

I added my favorite rocking chair that Dave and I bought in Branson, Missouri when we were first married.  This chair put all three of my babies to sleep many, many times.


Over the years I have recovered this rocker with three different fabrics, but this time the fabric worked great for the room.  In fact, I had an old duvet cover out of the same fabric so I decided to pull out the sewing machine and make both a window valence and a cushion for the window seat.  For the seat cushion I covered an old body pillow that was taking up space in my linen closet.   I am really happy with the way this no cost project turned out.


One of the best purchases I made for the room was the rolling table from IKEA.  It usually holds my laptop, but I push and pull it all over the room and it is great for providing extra work space for the sewing machine or whatever project I am working on.


I still need to tackle the almost bare walls in this room but for now I am enjoying my comfortable surroundings.  Anyone have any ideas for the walls?

Talk with you all soon!