A new countdown begins.

It was close to four years ago that I got the word from my orthopedic surgeon that there was not much left to do (after ten years of trying) for my hip and knee joints but to get replacements.  The news hit me hard, although I am not sure why since I had been battlingContinue reading “A new countdown begins.”

#10 – Do something you have been afraid to do.

I was uncharacteristically  brave this weekend and completed two things that I have been afraid of doing for literally years.  Here is story number one. Dave and I use to ride our bicycles frequently.  Dave participated in the MS150 ride for fifteen years and once even rode across the state of Washington with his DadContinue reading “#10 – Do something you have been afraid to do.”

#5 Walk for a Cause

Saturday morning with the temperature climbing to 90 degrees and the humidity feeling like 100% (not sure what it really was), TEAM THERESA assembled at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City and participated in the 2012 Arthritis Foundation Walk.  A few months ago I shared with you my goal of walking in this 5K, clickContinue reading “#5 Walk for a Cause”

The Recovery Begins

Home makes everything better.  I returned home from the hospital on Friday afternoon and spent a very quiet weekend starting my recovery.  I remembered that the first week after surgery was difficult, but I had forgotten just how much effort it requires to do the smallest things.  My biggest complaint right now is that IContinue reading “The Recovery Begins”

It’s all relative…

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.  When you are sitting on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour.   That is relativity.  Albert Einstein. Last week the physical therapist put weights on my ankles and made me get in the water.  I was thinking she was trying toContinue reading “It’s all relative…”