Physical Therapy

I conservatively estimate that I have been to 120 physical therapy sessions over the past 4 years.  That is 4 surgeries, at 12 weeks of PT each, at an average of 2.5 sessions per week.  So very thankful for good insurance!   Last April I had my final surgery and am now on the countdown toContinue reading “Physical Therapy”

A new countdown begins.

It was close to four years ago that I got the word from my orthopedic surgeon that there was not much left to do (after ten years of trying) for my hip and knee joints but to get replacements.  The news hit me hard, although I am not sure why since I had been battlingContinue reading “A new countdown begins.”

Lazy Days of Summer???

I have been neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks, not because I choose to do this, but because there is not enough hours in the day.  I would LOVE to spend each of my days writing on this blog, practicing my photography, cooking or decorating my house.  These items always tend to fallContinue reading “Lazy Days of Summer???”

Pain and Progress

On Tuesday of this week I graduated from my in-home physical therapy program and on Wednesday I had my first outpatient physical therapy appointment.  When the PT saw me walk in her first words were, “At four weeks out I was expecting you to come in with a walker.”  That was enough to encourage meContinue reading “Pain and Progress”

Ridin’ the Storm Out

First let me just say that I have always taken storms seriously.  Tornado warnings were the only thing I would wake up my sleeping children for in the middle of the night when they were growing up.  In May of 1957, when I was seven months old, my family and I lived in Ruskin Heights andContinue reading “Ridin’ the Storm Out”

It’s all relative…

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.  When you are sitting on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour.   That is relativity.  Albert Einstein. Last week the physical therapist put weights on my ankles and made me get in the water.  I was thinking she was trying toContinue reading “It’s all relative…”

Physical Therapy

This past weekend convinced me that physical therapy is working.  My ability to shop (even though I took frequent breaks) demonstrates that my stamina and endurance are increasing.  For now I am doing pool therapy 3 times per week.  It feels great, the water is 92 degrees.  I am able to do much more in theContinue reading “Physical Therapy”