Fall Inspiration

It is starting to finally feel like fall around here and I could not be happier since this is my favorite time of year!  These are the things I love about fall…. I will soon be decorating the house and planning for our annual fall festival so I turned to pinterest and my own fallContinue reading “Fall Inspiration”

Bits and Pieces

Time for another installment of bits and pieces. We traveled to Houston (third time in six weeks) over labor day weekend to see Levi baptized and have some more OMA/OPA time.  He had gained a few pounds since our last visit and definitely was starting to focus on objects, including my camera. This past weekendContinue reading “Bits and Pieces”

It’s beginning to look alot like….

This past weekend I planted a few mums, picked up a few pumpkins and brought out my fall decor items. If I haven’t already mentioned how much I love the wooden dough bowl my brother-in-law made for me last Christmas, let me tell you now. I LOVE MY WOODEN BOWL!! Last Christmas I used itContinue reading “It’s beginning to look alot like….”