Small Gatherings|May|Breakfast on the Patio

Sunday morning we are packing up our youngest daughter and moving her to Denver.  She will finish her last internship rotation this summer and take the Registered Dietitian’s exam this fall.  If we are all lucky, that will result in a paying job soon thereafter!!!!  Such a bittersweet time, I am so excited for herContinue reading “Small Gatherings|May|Breakfast on the Patio”

An Evening with Jenny Steffens Hobick

A couple of months ago I mentioned how excited I was to attend a workshop with Jenny Steffens Hobick.  You can read that post here.  Jenny is the Martha and/or the Barefoot Contessa of Kansas City.  She is an entertaining expert but with a simple, down to earth style that I love.  She can beContinue reading “An Evening with Jenny Steffens Hobick”